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Patreon — the time is now!

Hello, my precious Treasures!

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Do I have your attention?  Good!


I am pleased to announce that, after two months of experimentation, my Patreon experiment has become something that is really smooth and satisfying. For July I have reduced the reward tier options to the simplest and most important forms of interaction. While I am excited about additional features I might add later, right now I’m focusing on three things:

1)  The goodtreasures.club/forum. This private forum is completely administered by me, so it’s not pretty, but it is private. The purpose of the forum is to have a venue where I can engage in casual chat with a vetted and intimate group of Treasures. My goal is to make posts there 20/30 days of the month, but the more you participate, the more I’ll be drawn there! Membership in the forum is available to Patron Treasures pledging $20 or more per month.
2)  My #texttriggertraining list. This SMS list sends out 30-50 short form communications a month, playing with the training and triggering available using text and conditioning through your phone. It’s been a really sexy hit, and I’m so enjoying using it to playfully manipulate the Good Treasures receiving my messages. I’m very excited to announce that, as of July, I will be using a messaging system that allows me to include numbers regardless of their country of origin. To welcome international and other Treasures just getting on board, I will be doing a trigger review month in July, so NOW is the time to join up! The #texttriggertraining list is available to Patron Treasures at the $50 level or higher.

Here are a few screen shots from the first month!


3.  Endeavoring to answer all basic correspondence questions that come in through the Patreon system, by committed patrons. Basic correspondence does not mean personal chastity supervision or extensive communication, I’m sorry, but I will try to answer the easier questions and acknowledge your various forms of adoration.

The overall primary goal of how I approach Patreon is to create sustainable, regular, personal interactions with my wonderful, pleasing Treasures. So far, it’s going well, and I’m looking forward to being joined by new Treasures to get to know in this exciting new way!

I implore you, for your own sake, come make your pledge before July 1st, particularly if you are aroused by the thought of #texttriggertraining. I will always find a way to catch people up, to some extent, on training they’ve missed in the months before they became Patron Treasures. But, for the most part, I’ll be building one month upon another and missing any part would be a shame.



Goddess Kasha

Last Updated on Friday, 24 June 2016 05:29

The Action Is On Patreon!

I’ve been given to understand that the absence of updates in this space have been noted!  It’s true, this poor website has been long neglected.  And, while I might start using it again more regularly in the future, the current hot Goddess Kasha action is happening at Patreon.

Through Patreon’s platform, I’m exploring new ways to build more personal relationships with my Good Treasures.  The two rewards I’m most excited about are my Text Training List and my personal Good Treasures forum.  The text list is a sexy way to play a little almost every day.  I’m enjoying experimenting with the types of training available using this toy!  The forum is intended to be a more casual space for interacting with me and other Good Treasures.

June is my second month running the campaign, and I still feel like I’m very much getting on my feet.  I am working with a developer on an application that will let me send SMS messages globally, which is vital to me!  I hadn’t anticipated how much of an issue it would be, but now I know more about digital communication infrastructure.  The forum is kind of a travesty of inept moderation, but, I have decided to do some kind of public writing every day, and most days it will be there.  In the long run I would like to add a chat room, but, in the meanwhile I will occasionally put out a notice that I’m online responding to posts during a particular time.

I’m hoping that by the end of June I will have all my new tools in place, a set of rewards revamped to what I’ve learned over the two months, and a clear statement of vision for the Treasures I imagine will be ready to jump in then.  When I do, I’ll try to remember to update you here!


Last Updated on Friday, 3 June 2016 03:08