The Good Treasure Decision

All of my eager Treasures may be interested to know that I have, edited and very sexy, my next erotic hypnosis recording, titled “Good Treasure”.  It is a Hypnoquickie session designed as a guided reward release only for Treasures who have done something special to please me.  I define a Hypnoquickie as a recording in the neighborhood of 30 minutes that includes release instructions within the trance.  They can be used for special occasions for Treasures on a orgasm control program, as edging teases for those who have trained with Perpetual Arousal, and as efficient thrills for those not subject to release restrictions.

I usually release recordings on Friday, but since I have it and I’m not doing much tonight or tomorrow, I might be able to make it available earlier.  The problem is I’m simply not feeling inspired right now…  Here we are 4 days before my birthday and 5 days before Valentines Day and there has been no movement on my Amazon list whatsoever for over 24 hours!  Despite the fact that I’ve made showering me with gifts affordable, with 25 possibilities currently listed that all cost less than 25 dollars.  All things that I want very much, mind you, or they wouldn’t be there.  You should know that if you can’t make a decision you can always send an Amazon gift card to and I’ll figure it out for you!

So you can see how I wouldn’t feel like working on a hot icon to tease you, a description to entice you, a listing for you to acquire the possibility of intense erotic award just now.  Not to be too pouty, given that some very Good Treasure have done quite well already, and I’ve been so pleased with the Vulnerable email obedience.  Still, I’ve become accustomed to expecting and getting truly excellent birthday spoiling, so if just a few of step up a bit, perhaps we can work something out.



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