“Leglock” is a teasing and denial session that focuses your mind on the sexiness of legs, particularly my legs, through extensive exploration of themes related to legs and locking.   Obviously, you have always and will always feel very aroused when you are looking at or thinking about sexy legs, but after training with “Leglock” you will not only be extra-excited by them, but you will also notice your excitement in a way that erotically torments your psyche.

Essentially, this programming will enhance the sexual stimulation of legs while denying release when preoccupied with leggy hotness. While inviting you to imagine the sight and feel of my legs I’ll guide you into an intense trance using a physical technique unlike anything I’ve introduced before. My body is too hot to appreciate all at once, so let’s focus on your lust for legs…


I’ll be stepping out to San Francisco on Tuesday, just in time to keep me from dying of missing my friends there.  I am very excited that I will be arriving to a stack of gifts from very Good Treasures, thank you all!  I don’t want to play games with shipping times, and I have everything I can think of to need right now, so I have switched back to my regular wish list.  But, if you are desperate to spoil me on the trip specifically, get in touch, we’ll work something out!



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