Meanwhile, in Indiana…

Finally, I am home from yet another set of fabulous San Francisco adventures!  Fun, friends, personal growth, copious hot tub sessions, this journey had it all.  Well, not all of it.  Before I left I was very seriously convinced that I could, and would, keep up my e-mail and blogging habits on the road.  And for the purpose, took with me only my iPad.  This despite the fact that I have actively told people that the beauty of the iPad is that it is endlessly entertaining while being good for only the slightest amounts of business utility, making it the perfect vacation device.  I was going to Work it Out, I told myself.

Ha!  Absolute wishful thinking, a ridiculous notion, in hindsight.  So, much love to those of you who have become my regular correspondence partners! I missed two Wednesdays because I left on a Tuesday, but your messages have been read and responses delayed rather than cancelled.  I will be catching up over the course of this week, I hope none of you got the wrong impression!

The thing I am currently most focused on, despite all of the fun I had, as a benefit of having not been in Indiana for the past week and a half, is that I missed a hell of a storm!  I didn’t get to see the full extent of the damage in the day light and missed the opportunity to get some really shocking pictures by sleeping through the cleanup crew this morning, but here are a few shots of things that have me understanding what I missed:

Okay, see how that tree is all full and green on the left, and ripped totally bare right over my house?  All of the leafy green stuff that made an amazing shade tree was collected from my front yard today.  It looks like the tornado hovered just in that spot, then changed its mind right before utterly destroying my house.

Here there are two interesting features.  On the left there is a long dent in the ground.  That’s the hole left after I hauled out a piece of limb that had been buried in the ground such that it looked like an exposed root.  The yard cleanup team apparently missed the four-foot long, four-inch diameter tree limb because it was so embedded.  On the right is the second stick I took out, replaced where I found it, but laying next to its hole here:

If you set that stick on the ground and hit it as hard as you could with a mallet, it probably wouldn’t have sunk in quite as deep.  Granted, the soil was quite damp at the time, but still…  For some reason I keep looking at that stick as though it is the very one that would have hit me in the head while I desperately chased escaped, panicked pets had I been in Indiana.  As it turned out, the dog stayed with family and the cats all got through just fine, thanks to the care of an excellent friend who also ended up helping tarp the roof and talk to insurance adjusters.

So, as you can imagine, all of the imaginary trauma I avoided, combined with the actual inconveniences left in the wake of the storm, call for a bit of cheering up!  As it so happens, as I usually do, I have just the thing…

While in SF I decided that I really, truly am going to throw myself into making Burning Man happen this year!  Making that happen comes down to covering two major expenses: 1) Plane ticket   2)  Burning Man ticket.  With my current plans and published ticket prices, Southwest gift certificates totaling $400 or more will cover my flight costs.  They can be purchased here and sent to  The Burning Man ticket is $320, and I’m not sure if it is easiest for you to buy it as a gift through their site or to send me the money and have me make the purchase, so if you’re the one to provide it, send me an e-mail and we’ll work it out!

Of course, their will be more playa needs and luxuries, but those two things are the base I need to make going a definite plan and reality, so I will be committed when I have them.

I’m going back to Vacation Recovery, I just know many of you have been patiently craving word from me, so I didn’t want to leave you too long without a little update.



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