Goddess Fix


“Goddess Fix” aggressively pairs teasing and denial with addiction themes to create a particularly naughty psychological enchantment. The addictive swing is one of the most exciting things about worshiping a goddess, you can admit it! Whether you try to resist or not, you can’t help but fall deeper into my control. If you hold back, the longer you fight me, the harder you fall when you inevitably give in to your need for me. And, of course, if you simply Surrender completely, you will spend every moment you can listening to my hypnosis. Either way, I win, and you’re my helpless, ensnared, addicted Treasure.

The pleasure you feel when you fall into trance ultimately creates the craving you feel afterward. In fact, you’re so deeply addicted that you are even turned on by the idea of your dependency, and your arousal feeds your addiction. The more you want me, the better it feels when I allow you to release, the more addicted you become to your Goddess Fix.

Understand, Treasure? I’m saying you don’t have any choice but to listen…

But, you can start with a little taste!

27 minutes, $37.50

I’m off to play a kotei in Knoxville, wish me luck!  (And a big thanks to my Good B for making the weekend extra special!)



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