a�?Arete is excellence, it is the first fruits of virtue and all things good, the perfect fulfillment of particular purpose. That which is arete depends on the object of discussion, as each fractal of the Universe has its own nature and therefore its own perfection. Where, for example, in a slave arete is to serve in perfect submission, in a goddess arete is to receive with perfect grace.a�? You will come to understand why what is good for you is good for your Goddess, and how to strive for perfect choices all of the time. With gentle tools and training deeply implanted though clever use of your arousal achieving true excellence in every area of your life can be easier than you would imagine! Unobtrusive subliminals persistently highlight affectionate instructions delivered with a clear, light and sensual, echo. Special Instructions: This recording requires you to have some sort of small towel and a form of lubricant present, so come prepared!