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Frequently Asked Question:  Do you take payments by any method other than Niteflirt?

New Answer:  Yes, yes I do!

I am very pleased and excited to announce that my erotic hypnosis products will now be available through a whole new processing system! Niteflirt will still be available, however, Erotic Hypnosis with Kasha Shakti is designed to enhance transactional capabilities in several ways. First, you will now be able to purchase recordings even if you are an international customer or otherwise have difficulty with Niteflirt. The new system works by asking you to create a username and password to track your order, but otherwise requires no membership or advance deposits.

Another benefit is that I will now be able to offer sales and coupons! Since I am making the announcement on Easter, I have a thematic promotion for you — two coupons are hidden among the layout of product icons you will find when you click here! I hope you find them soon and enjoy the expansion of options available in getting your Goddess fix!

Look for continued improvements and additional selections to be added over the following weeks, and let me know what you think of the new shopping experience!


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Last Updated on Monday, 5 April 2010 07:54

I love how the internet provides efficient solutions for rehabilitating one’s communication habits! The first three months of the year have been a whirlwind of many things strange, wonderful and both strange and wonderful at the same time. And some things that, frankly, pretty much blew. It has been a full season, but one that has been more in control of me than the other way around. Not in control like a brutal dictator over a subject, more like that of a river over something floating along.

The downside is that I have been faced with a life dense with unattended chaos. Entropy had crept deep roots into every area of my life, and sucked all energy to deal with its damage out of me. It happens. The upside is that I always eventually get bored and disgusted with conditions and emerge brighter and better on the other side.

In the middle, there is a transitional phase where I am making progress, but prone to guilt and anxiety around my huge “To Do” list, particularly all of the calls and e-mails that haven’t been made. As you’ve seen by now, I did manage to get some amazing and hot recordings available to you as my first priority, today I am focused on sending thank yous. There are a ton of things, including an electric blanket that snuggles me constantly, a g.p.s. that is even more fun than I expected, lots of seasons of DVDs, amazing nut free snack food and some mad fun trauma scissors I haven’t sent thank yous for, just off of the top of my head. I’m awful, it’s a burden.

The reason I’m starting here is that a lot of what I have to say to a lot of people can be covered in the mass, I’ll breathe easier and then have more boundless enthusiasm for the fun play of writing e-mails, all of which would pretty much start…

Dear Treasure,

Thanks so much for your e-mails, I love reading all of my mail so much, even when I don’t respond! Whether a brief, obedient note in response to a recording or a full and complex description of your experience of me, it’s always pleasing to get the attention! You can never e-mail me too much as far as I’m concerned, and I hope you understand when I never manage to give you all of the personal attention I would in an ideal world!

The seasons are running in perfect metaphorical symmetry with my life, whether I create them or they me is a mystery. The wet thaw is inspiring sudden, audacious life everywhere, the base survival of winter is past. I find that my life often runs in cycles of binging on drifting entropy to bursts creative productivity, I love launching into the latter!

My time in San Francisco was amazing and beautiful, full of brand new experiences! It was the longest continuous time period I have spent outside of the state of Indiana, or in a city of any type, no joke. I hailed a cab in the middle of the night and I felt like a badass! It was great for my health to be there, I naturally got lots of extra activity and picked up a draw towards healthier eating. And the friends who are my chosen family there are extraordinary beyond description, so fun and so good for me! I had great times with a few special Treasure who made arrangements to see me, and very much look forward to doing more of the same in the future. (There are Boots — there will be pictures and you will love them!)

Afterwards I was spinning for a while, transitioning between two places I want to call “home” left neither feeling quite comfortable, strangely. Plus, I was sick on and off, my hard drive inexplicably gave up the ghost, and I was generally out of my groove. I wasn’t really that uncomfortable, my life is too easy and good for that, I was just empty and unfocused. I am a dreamy Aquarius, and sometimes I go off and live in my head for a while, and any type of external communication is confounding.

Now I am getting back into my creative flow, feeling hypnotic and looking forward to bigger and better recordings and forms of web presence. Really fantastic opportunities have been presenting themselves, more on that soon!

As always, thank you so much for every form of adoration you express to me, and for loyally sticking with me when I am out of touch for a while! Believe me, I think about you much more than you hear from me at those times!


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