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I’ve received so much concerned e-mail I think I should clarify that I’m not really traumatized!  I’m not that delicate, I just like being sweet more than I like being mean.  However…

It turns out that sending me for a nice, restorative spa visit is really easy!  The website offers e-mailable gift certificates (I love those!) that I can use locally or anywhere I travel.  Brilliant!!!  Here in Bloomington the local day spa has a six service package that takes pretty much all day for $320.  The things I love about e-mailable gift certificates are the instant delivery, that no one takes a cut on the transfer of wealth, and, most importantly, it forces me into indulgence because the money is locked into that purpose.  You can send amounts between $50 and $500 to right here!

It’s such a beautiful day today, I can’t wait to get out and zip around on my scooter for a while!  I am a goddess very much in love with her life, right now.



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I think that it’s fairly clear that I am a non-judgmental, generous, loving goddess. I have no interest in humiliating, I punish only if absolutely necessary. I prefer to dominate though sensual erotic manipulation, reward, and just being so overwhelmingly charming that it’s natural to want to do things that please me.

However. I am not a push-over, I do have some boundaries that I am very passionate about defending. Today I received an e-mail that violated two of the most important, and so it’s lesson time. I don’t want to cause pain to the person involved, I don’t want to ignore that part of what is going on is an intense draw to me, which is obviously understandable. But this is unacceptable in a way that makes either ignoring the situation continuously or responding in a way that makes my boundaries clear for everyone are the only two options. So for me, it’s an opportunity to illustrate two things I have wanted to make clear for some time.

The message today was the follow-up to one I received a few days ago, so we’ll start with the original message:

Subject: Adoration to my GODDESS

Dearest Goddess Kasha,
i am feeling so compelled to reach out to you right now, that i just can’t help myself,
although i am still very much fighting fully surrendering to you. i have been listening to
your surrender and compliance samples on auto-replay for over 2 hours now and been
so HARD but won’t allow myself to climax until i have forced myself to send you this e-mail.
As long as i am so very much on the edge, i can’t resist you and am just at your mercy.

You might ask why i don’t just buy your recordings – my wife does our family finances and she
would never approve of this, so i haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet (as our agreement has
given her permission to cancel my credit cards should i use them for these kinds of purposes).
Nonetheless, here i am. i do feel like i am in a trance of sorts listening to those sample recordings.

Adoringly, worshipping you and melting like putty.

Awaiting your instructions

I have a policy of zero response to messages that indicate that a person is actively engaged in deceiving their partner and breaking relationship agreements.  This note is an excellent example of being over that line.  I am not a goddess of emotional drama and pain, and I will not further behavior that is clearly out of integrity.  I do not judge or second guess my Treasures who are making a good faith, good hearted effort to reconcile their spouse’s needs and their fetish needs.  I have read many sympathetic e-mails with variations on the theme “I love my vanilla wife and feel like I have no choice but to deal with my hypnosis needs privately.”  If, in my judgement, your choices are reasonable and loving, you aren’t excluded from my favor.

Today, I received an audacious follow-up.  It was, in my opinion, egregious enough to warrant public display, something that has often tempted me, but is too potentially cruel for my tastes generally.  Which element do you think affects my decision to do it here the most?


My LOVE , Goddess Kasha,
i am sorry if You have already responded to my previous e-mail, as i probably did not
receive it.  my wife found out and put a block on your e-mail address.  Would YOU please
respond from a different e-mail address?


Please remember to use another e-mail address as this e-mail address is blocked right now.



Of course, there’s additional inappropriate relationship behavior here.  The level has gone from involving me passively in deceit to asking me to actively take part.  Which brings me too…

I am loving and greatly enjoy giving, as and when I choose.  But I am not here to serve my Treasures.  That is an absolute no.  Another way to get an instant, unexplained banishment from my thoughts is to expect me to go out of my way for you.  This does not mean that you can’t make requests.  The vast majority of my Treasures seem to understand the appropriate rituals of supplication.  Which is to say, almost all of the e-mail I get shows at least an attempt to be respectful of myself, my time and my energy.  Those that don’t go straight to the digital burn box.  Understood?

Bleh!  That’s all of the bitchy I can muster for a long while, everybody is going to have to be very, very good while I recover!



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