Q: How are recordings priced?

A: Although not a strict ‘rule’, my rule-of-thumb is a flat rate of $37.50, or $1.11 a minute.

Q: Is hypnosis safe?

A: Here is something I wrote to a YouTube commenter who seemed unsettled after having a powerful experience listening to one of my recordings:

“This is offered asA�consensual entertainment, not intended to be seriously scary! If it is scary in any way, it should be scary like going on a roller coaster, where you realizeA�that you’re thrill seeking, purely for your own entertainment.

It is important to understand that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis — I can’t do anything to you or for you. If you were to receive a suggestion that didn’t agree with you, even if you were deeply hypnotized, you could always choose to reject it. Hypnotists call this self-protective aspect of your subconscious the “silent watcher,” and it is there to keep you safe. Additionally, all of my sessions are crafted with listeners’ safety and wellbeing at the top of my priority list.

That said, I understand that it can be unsettling to not remember everything that transpired while in trance. I try to include relevant information in recording descriptions, but if you want to know in more detail what suggestions are in a recording, you can always fast-forward past the induction and listen to them out-of-trance.

Finally, for anyone concerned about any long-term effects, rest assured that your subconscious only hangs on to suggestions for about two days unless you continue repeating them.”


Q: May I email you?

A: I get this question a lot, especially due to the fact that some of my recordings, like Function, and Intimate Confession, specifically solicit emails.

You may email me, but beA�advised: there is an extremely low probability that I will respond. Although I love knowing that I have had a positive impact on your life and I love the adoration and feedback, I have found that corresponding takes a significant ongoing time commitment, which inescapably detracts from the necessary time and mental focusA�that I am able to devote to writing and recording. So, thank you for understanding, I can’t correspond. I do, however, read my email, so if you send it, you can rest assured that I received it.

Q: What is your email address?

A: kasha at kashashakti dot com


Q: Can you make a recording about my fetish or fantasy?

A: My rates for customs start at $2000 and go up from there depending on the script itself, timeframe, andA�intellectual property rights agreements. I have, in the past, incorporatedA�long-time supporters’ requests in my regularly-scheduled scripts, soA�long as they fall within the realm of what my regular fanbase would enjoy, so that is something that I may be open to if you have earned that status. If either of those scenarios is prohibitive, the best option is to find an artist who has already made recordings about your fetish or fantasy.