Ache for Goddess

Addictive Poison

Addicted to Obedience

Addicted to Pleasure

Advanced Chastity Brainwashing 1: Indoctrination

Advanced Chastity Brainwashing 2: Addiction

Advanced Surrender

Amazon Goddess

Aroused, Receptive

Automatic Obedience

Automatic Obedience PtV

Being Valuable

Being a Valuable Treasure (Video)

Binaural Brainwashing

Break the Habit


Burning Arousal

Chastity (Direct)

Chastity (Subliminal)

Chastity (Spoil/Spoil)

Click Addiction

Compliance (Direct)

Compliance (Subliminal)

Compliance (Spoil/Spoil)


Defenseless (Direct)

Defenseless (Subliminal)

Defenseless (Spoil/Spoil)


Edge Trigger

Elements of Kasha


Financial Domination


Function (Direct)

Function (Subliminal)

Function (Spoil/Spoil)

Goddess Fix

Goddess Fix PtV

Good Treasure (Please Me Price)

Good Treasure (Rewarding Low Price)

Helpless Arousal

Image Enslavement

Immersive Brainwashing

Intense Euphoria

Irresistible Urge

Kasha's Coven

Keyholder (Direct)

Keyholder (Subliminal)

Keyholder (Spoil/Spoil)

Lexicon (MP3 Only)

Lexicon (Video Edition)

Love (Direct)

Love (Subliminal)

Love (Spoil/Spoil)


Manifest Submission

Mission of Decadence

More and Fewer (Direct)

More and Fewer (Subliminal)

More and Fewer (Spoil/Spoil)

Mutations of Wanting

Obedience Training

Pay Is Play PtV

Perpetual Arousal (Direct)

Perpetual Arousal (Subliminal)

Perpetual Arousal (Spoil/Spoil)

Personality Program 1: Vulnerable

Personality Program 2: Aroused

Personality Program 3: Obedient

Personality Program 4: Obsessed

Personality Program 5: Addicted

Personality Program Set

Please Goddess

Pleasing Love

Pleasure Control (Direct)

Pleasure Control (Subliminal)

Pleasure Control (Spoil/Spoil)

Plus Two, Minus One (Direct)

Plus Two, Minus One (Subliminal)

Plus Two, Minus One (Spoil/Spoil)


Power Transfer (Direct)

Power Transfer (Subliminal)

Power Transfer (Spoil/Spoil)

Primal Awakening

Primal Urge

Rite of Surrender

Sexual Touch

Subconscious Desire

Subjugation of the Inner Voice

Surrender (Direct)

Surrender (Subliminal)

Surrender (Spoil/Spoil)

The Thrill of Service

Trance Trap

Urge Manipulation

Vulnerable and Exposed