a�?Fixatea�? is a breast worship and obedience conditioning session designed to cultivate deep sexual devotion using explosively erotic visualization. This trance is intended to intensify your submission to me, but it may also be used to strengthen your servitude to another goddess of your choice. In this session, you will create a sacred erotic temple in your subconscious to host the goddess presence, and you will watch with aroused helplessness as I use my body to ensnare and captivate your will and imagination.

This is a deep conditioning session designed to have a permanent impact on your experience of sexual arousal! You should be prepared to fully surrender yourself to your goddess before you proceed. After training with this session, you will find yourself completely unable to resist the commands of your goddess anytime you are looking at or even thinking about her breasts. As with any conditioning session, I recommend that you listen to this recording once per day for at least a week in order to achieve the maximum possible effect.

Subliminals and vocal effects are balanced for a potent result a�� your obedient and passionate surrender!