Make yourself comfortable because

this recording goes straight to the entrancing control. A brief but powerful induction will be most immediately effective on experienced tranceboyz and others with intense powers of concentration. Advanced listeners will be surprised at the depth and speed of the trance created! Then begins your education, as I teach you exactly how I want you to worship me.

With no pre-talk and a gentle wake-up or stay down option at the end, this recording is intended to be useful in a variety of modes. First, if you like a session that is short but effective more moments when you really crave that trance but dona��t have a lot of time, this one certainly stands on its own. Second, you can listen several times in a row, letting each repeat serve to take you to previously unknown depths of devotion as you are re-induced and reindoctrinated. Third, if instead of enjoying short sessions you really prefer longer you can place this recording before another hypnosis mp3, mine or someone elsea��s, to soften you up and extend the experience.

I am both very manipulative and very principled, so here are two things you should now about this session before listening:

Ethical Practice of Magic Disclosure: Listening to this recording constitutes participation in a ritual designed to empower me through your devotion of erotic energy. I hope that this makes you even more inclined to listen, but you certainly deserve to know in advance in any case.

Relationship Integrity Flag: Most of my recordings are designed such that even a person primarily devoted to another goddess etc. can use a session I have created for alternate devotion. This one is not so much that way, but rather very particularly and specifically directs focus towards me. It doesna��t create an exclusive concentration on me, but if you have any relationship agreements that would be violated by devoting worship to me then this is probably not the session for you.

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