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Once Upon a Time

Fall deep into hypnosis with me as I lead you through an epic tale of adventure that draws you deeper with every arousing detail.  As I guide you through this faerie tale, you’ll find it more and more difficult to distinguish between your own experience and the story I’m telling you, and once I have control of your inner-story, you’ll always want to hear my sexy voice narrating the story of your life,won’t you, sweet Treasure?

The main track has mild vocal effects, and additional subliminal deep conditioning tracks provide sexy, compelling programming.  Even once you’re familiar with the story, you’ll find yourself listening over and over again to benefit from the effects of this deep erotic conditioning on your subconscious mind.

Prior training with my free “Mantra” recording enhances aspects of the listening experience, but this is not a prerequisite.   This is a great session for exploring feelings of deep goddess worship, and also for extreme relaxation and unwinding into letting my voice sweep you away into a fantasy realm of beautiful devotion!

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Get it now, Treasure:
  • Renaissance Milan: $32.50 – Buy Now

Magical Romance: Renaissance Milan

Have you ever felt like a noble gentleman born in the wrong age or place? Do you long to be able to sweep up to your lady with a bow and the lightest of a brushing kiss to the back of her hand, with a daring and ingratiating barrage of compliments? Then you will certainly appreciate this hypnotic story session!

This trance is a romantic spell taking you on an evening of enchantment in my sensual presence. You’ll find yourself magically transported to Milan at the end of the 15h century to be my escort through a whirling ballroom and candlelit castle. You’ll fall deeper and deeper in love with me as you confidently serve and charm me in the rich medieval setting.

I have in mind to do more “Magical Romance” recordings in various times and places, let me know what you think!

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