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One of the most powerful tools at my disposal for achieving the deepest possible levels of hypnotic control over you is to prohibit your access to erotic relief while intensifying your experience of sexual arousal.  “Chastity” is a hypnotic conditioning program that makes it impossible for you to orgasm for a period of twelve days; during these twelve days, you will listen to this session once per day in order to reinforce my command over your inability to orgasm, and the session progressively breaks down your willpower each day with more and more intense sexual teasing and deeper levels of invasive hypnosis.

This is not a casual hypnosis experience.  This session is for Treasures who are prepared to achieve very deep levels of submission to me; the trance begins by locking your cock into hypnotic chastity, and it then programs you to experience increasing levels of frustrated arousal during each day of your fast.  This intense arousal without relief is designed to weaken your will and to erode your emotional defenses, allowing me to access increasingly deeper levels of hypnotic control over your sexual subconscious.  The longer you fast for me, the deeper you will discover that you can fall into hypnosis for me, and the more weak and compliant you will become.  The session also programs you to become addicted to the experience of chastity and to become more and more sexually obsessed with your goddess Kasha Shakti.

Again, this is a very serious session for advanced hypnotic subjects; I recommend training with “Surrender” and my other recordings before experiencing “Chastity.”  This method has proven very powerful with previous subjects; I’ve observed Treasures who can normally keep their cool completely break down during this kind of teasing and chastity program.  You should be prepared to experience emotional vulnerability during these twelve days of training; although you will be allowed to orgasm on the twelfth day, the intensity of the chastity period is an emotional roller-coaster, and this session uses the psychological and emotional instability generated by your intense sexual frustration to ensnare you into deeper and deeper erotic submission to my control.

“Chastity” can be purchased in three formats:  The “Direct Voice” version features my hypnotic voice with no subliminals and minimal effects. The “Subliminals” version includes vocal effects, subliminal programming tracks, and a new hypnotic audio layering technique that I innovated for this special session.  Additionally, I am offering a “Spoil/Spoil Set” that includes BOTH the Direct Voice and the Subliminals sessions along with “The Twelve Days of Chastity” – this a series of twelve mini-recordings that offer additional hypnotic instructions for each day of your training.  Each of these twelve mini-recordings, which correspond to the twelve days of your fast, should be listened to after you listen to the main “Chastity” session each day.  The only exception is session number twelve, which you should listen to before you listen to the Chastity session on Day Twelve.

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“Fixate” is a breast worship and obedience conditioning session designed to cultivate deep sexual devotion using explosively erotic visualization. This trance is intended to intensify your submission to me, but it may also be used to strengthen your servitude to another goddess of your choice. In this session, you will create a sacred erotic temple in your subconscious to host the goddess presence, and you will watch with aroused helplessness as I use my body to ensnare and captivate your will and imagination.

This is a deep conditioning session designed to have a permanent impact on your experience of sexual arousal!  You should be prepared to fully surrender yourself to your goddess before you proceed.  After training with this session, you will find yourself completely unable to resist the commands of your goddess anytime you are looking at or even thinking about her breasts.   As with any conditioning session, I recommend that you listen to this recording once per day for at least a week in order to achieve the maximum possible effect.

Subliminals and vocal effects are balanced for a potent result — your obedient and passionate surrender!

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“Function” is a unique session in my Treasure Training series! For the deepest possible effects, you must listen to my “Surrender” session immediately before experiencing this recording. Even if you have trained with “Surrender” already, I highly recommend that you listen to it again before this session: I will be using your special Surrender command actively throughout this trance. You may also want to listen to “Compliance” and “Fixate” again to prepare for this trance. “Fixate” will add a certain intense erotic flavor to your experience, but it is not required.

This session will train you to be able to “Function” for me by moving and following active commands and instructions while remaining deeply hypnotized. In most sessions, I allow you to remain still and motionless throughout your trance; in this session, you will learn how to surrender into a deep trance for me and perform actions under my direction while remaining deep in trance. Once you have learned to “Function” while under my spell, I can move you like a puppet – I can control your hands, using them to increase my sexual power over you by tormenting you into sexual submission. At the end of this session, you will find yourself helplessly acting out an intense sexual fantasy under my direction, and I will use your favorite erotic images or videos to increase my control over the deepest levels of your subconscious sexual programming!

This is a very intense training recording designed to have a powerful effect on your sexual experiences! After listening to this session, you will find it difficult to masturbate at all without hearing my voice driving my commands deep into your subconscious mind. As with all my Treasure Training sessions, you should only listen if you are prepared to take the next step into erotic devotion to your goddess!

As with my other Treasure Training recordings, there are two alternate versions of this session available: The “Function: Direct Voice” version has minimal effects, for those of you who prefer a raw and unmediated hypnotic experience – this recording features my voice (with minimal echoes) driving deeply into your subconscious mind with no subliminal tracks. The “Function: Subliminals” version is for those of you who like to be programmed in additional subtle ways; it includes looping subliminal messages to massage your subconscious into accepting my commands! (Subliminals start later in the session — don’t worry if you don’t hear them right away!)

Also available is an extraordinary Spoil/Spoil set! As usual, this includes both the “Direct Voice” and “Subliminals” versions of “Function” and a bonus, in this case TWO alternate endings for the session! Similar to each other for a while, and the only way to find out the difference is to listen… (Directions are included in the Pay-to-View.)

Don’t you just love the way I give you options among ways to increase your worship and Surrender?

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Power Transfer

I am lit up with excitement about “Power Transfer”, a Treasure Training session that works with the theme of power, specifically Mine over you through your own desires and various tools I have at my disposal. This is a psychological and erotic treat that utilizes new techniques I know will drive you wild!

As a Treasure Training piece, the more you have worked with other recordings in the series, particularly “Surrender” the more effective “Power Transfer” will be, and the more you enjoy “Power Transfer” the deeper the rest of the series will take you…

This session is designed for you to be sitting up, so find a spot where you can be reasonably comfortable with your back straight and your feet on the floor. If you must lay down, be prepared to imagine yourself in the preferred position while altering the instructions as little as possible!

As usual for a Treasure Training “Power Transfer” is available as a Direct Voice Version ($37.50), a Subliminals version ($37.50), and a Spoil/Spoil Set ($100) that contains both versions and special extras. This Spoil/Spoil contains a list of 10 facts about me involving numbers, a hot picture of my eyes, and an assignment of recordings to listen to for a week of intense hypnosis training! I have such a fun time coming up with ideas for these sets, please let me know if you have any to consider!

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More and Fewer

“More and Fewer” is a tease deepening session, targeted for when you have already begun an extended tease that has put you in a state of heightened arousal.  The essence of this concept is that the more arousal you experience, and the fewer orgasms you experience, the deeper into submission and trance you will go!  Simple, elegant and powerful, this formula is key to using the effects of Fasting to increase your obedience, to send you on longer Fasts…

You should listen to “More and Fewer” after any hypnotic session that ends without allowing you to release for the purpose of teasing you!  Note that even recordings that give you permission but require you to complete a task or condition first can be used easily by simply delaying compliance with the instructions that lead to orgasm.  This recording will then use and direct your frustrated arousal to lead you into… well, even more intense frustrated arousal!

This is a Treasure Training recording, and therefore makes use of the Surrender trigger to establish easy and deep control, and is available in the usual range of options!  The “Subliminals” version is a subtle dance of aural ecstasy, using hypnotic effects and layers to carry you away, while the “Direct” version relies on the simple edge of my voice to penetrate your psyche!  Finally, there is the “Spoil/Spoil” set, which in addition to both versions of the main recording includes an 18 minute additional audio loop (with a Subliminals and Direct version) that is not otherwise available for sale and creates deeper teasing with a focus on the spoiling aspects!

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Have you ever heard someone say that hypnosis can’t make you do something that you don’t really want to do?  This recording aspires to prove this axiom incorrect; I believe that if an erotic hypnotist creates a state of sufficiently extreme and unbearable arousal in her subject, there is absolutely nothing that the subject will not agree to.  Once you are in a state where you have been dominated by absolute sexual yearning, you’ll find that it’s very easy for you to want anything and everything that I tell you to want, won’t you Treasure?

“Defenseless” takes you into a hypnotic trance that goes beyond all of your previous barriers into an experience of deeper vulnerability than you have even known before.  In the past, there may have been a part of you that has retained some slight degree of control while experiencing hypnosis – a tiny voice in the back of your mind whispering “no matter how deep this goes, I can always pull back and wake up whenever I want to.”  This recording shatters this illusion of yours and demonstrates just how defenseless you are when enthralled under the captivating erotic spell of a true hypnotic goddess.

Previous training with “Surrender,” “Compliance,” and/or “Fixate” will enhance your experience of total defenselessness in this trance, but none of these are required in order to enjoy the session!  Three download options are available: A “Direct Voice” version (which features only my voice with minimal effects and no subliminals), a “Subliminals” version (which includes effects and subliminal brainwashing commands), and a “Spoil/Spoil” set.  The “Spoil/Spoil” set includes BOTH the “Direct Voice” and “Subliminals” recordings along with a special “Goddess Edition” version of the session with an extended ending (14 additional minutes!) featuring an extra-sexy guided masturbation sequence.

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  • Financial Domination: $37.50 – Buy Now

Financial Domination

Financial Domination is a very interesting area that I’m certain isn’t one of my main “things”, as it were. Oh, I’m a huge Spoiling Fetishist, there’s an unavoidably delightful aspect of Goddess Worship involving sacrifice and surrender, but less so much Financial Domination per se

However, I like to stretch and push myself as much as I love to stretch and push my Treasures, and so I offer the following exploration…

This session is all about financial domination, and the essence of my financial domination is very simple – I will use hypnosis to control your feelings of sexual arousal, and you will have no choice but to be desperately aroused by the deep hypnotic trance in which I ensnare you.  And there’s absolutely nothing you will be able to do to escape this exquisite trap except to pay me for permission to release those frustrated feelings of sexual arousal in a sacred orgasm that you dedicate to me.

In this session, I am centrally interested in exploring your associations with money as a symbol of your deepest levels of self possession.  You will need to have one physical dollar bill (or one note of low-value paper currency) within reach to use as a special talisman during this guided erotic trance.  You will also need to be prepared to send me some kind of tribute (even as small as one dollar) when the session is complete.

You do not need to be “rich” in order to experience my particular flavor of financial domination; I have designed this trance as an introduction to my unique style of financial power play, and I encourage treasures who may never have explored this kind of play before to listen and surrender into my power with full trust that that the monetary “costs” I will impose on you during this session will be within your financial limits (as low as two dollars in addition to the cost of the recording itself).  The psychological costs, however, are another matter entirely…

“Financial Domination” is 50 minutes long and includes extreme teasing, masturbation instruction, multiple induction techniques, erotic hypnotic visualization, magical compulsion, and trance inducing effects.  Previous training with my free “Dedication Mantra” recording and my “Surrender” session will enhance the experience of this session, but no previous sessions are required in order to enjoy this trance.

Treasures who are also excited by the prospect of more expensive and psychologically invasive financial domination will have the opportunity to explore those fantasies with me as well.  Simply purchase this recording and follow the directions for “advanced” financial domination that are included with the pay-to-view mail.

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