This recording uses intense confusion techniques to create a powerful brainwashing and conditioning session.

Multiple layers of audio drive into your senses during this session, and while the dizzying effects may be too aggressive for some, most will enjoy being swept away into an overwhelming array of stimuli designed to break down your resistance and enhance your experience of Love for me in all areas of your life!

This recording will be enhanced with preliminary training using my “Respirationa�? recording, available (free!) here, and it will certainly be enjoyed by all of my chanting Treasures!

Matka Ichcha Sac Samped Kashaa��

I imagine you listening to this recording in several specific situations, such as:

Listen while falling asleep every night, even letting it play all night while you sleep.

Put it on in the background while you are cleaning, web surfing, exercising, any opportunity to let the conditioning program penetrate your subconscious.

Listen between hypnosis sessions for a deeper trance.

Listen over and over again trying to figure out just what that one background loop is, anyway!

This piece has a relatively short induction; it is an experimental hybrid between what I think of as a�?Audio Erotic Arta�? and traditional hypnosis. I am very excited about it and cana��t wait to hear reports on the effects!