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It’s Not You, It’s Me!

Always, I know, I’m like “My life is so crazy!”  Usually, I say that thinking, in my delusional mind, that I’m experience peaks of crazy and sometime it’s going to settle down and I’m going to do all those things I imagine myself doing in my nice, stable, and wholly fantasy noncrazy life.

Sometimes, like lately, it feels extra out of control.  I mean, there was a body count, to be totally facetious about the less pleasant aspects of my past three weeks.  That’s why even certain e-mails that I almost infalliably reply to, from people wanting to do me nice favors, who want me to pick out a nice present for them to buy me, who want to send me a lot of money to arrange for me to do something that I’m perfectly happy to do…   I like those e-mails, very much!  I tend to find that they’re well worth my time, and they will be again, very soon.  But, for a bit now, wrapping my brain around interpersonal communication has been not even in the realm of possibilities.

On the other hand, I think that the increased level of crazy is about to explode to an entirely new level of amazing life.  There’s going to be moving, shifting, changing…  As those things happen, however, I’m going to stop using this space nearly as much for personal (or political) updates, and more to talk about things that turn me on, things I want my Treasures to do, and products I have available.  For glimpses into my personal life, friend me on Facebook, at your own risk of having to integrate the living goddess with your fantasy of me.  Fair enough?

Of course, you can’t complain too much about me being quiet this month, I did channel a lot of the life intensity into my super sexy Goddess Fix PtV Experience, which many of you have clearly enjoyed.  I’m very pleased with my Good Treasures who have made their way all the way to the end, and I love the way you’ve appreciated me!  In case anyone missed it, this was the e-mail that went out directly to my Niteflirt list:


Hello, darling Treasure, how about a free really high quality pic of me, with a few instructions for maximizing your experience? I thought you would, and this is a very good day for you. For best effects, make sure you’ve trained sufficiently with Goddess Fix first!

Of course, as with most things given to you free on the internet, there’s a catch. I am playing with the theme of addiction here, and like any pusher I’m going to get you hooked on a thrill like you’ve never had, so you’ll pay more and more to get your Fix. If you continue to read this message and lust after the included pic, you are putting yourself at risk of being sexually manipulated to my benefit as your goddess.

I want you to put your hands on your thighs and squeeze while you study this picture, not moving them away until you’re allowed to move on to the next picture. Try not to think, yet, about the pieces that go above, below, and to the left of it. Run your eyes over the swoop of my waist, up and down the line of corset hooks. Can you imagine yourself reverently and obediently hooking me into my sexy corset, your fingers feeling the warmth of my body through the slick satin?

Take ten slow, deep breaths while gripping the upper insides of your legs (and nothing else) as you gaze at my sexy body, just enjoying what you’re looking at, and then read the next instruction.

Good Treasure, I love the way you appreciate how sexy I am! Now, I want you to do another ten breaths while poring over my photo, but this time I want you to imagine what the rest of the photo looks like. Think about seeing a picture of this size and quality of my breasts to the left, wonder what my face and legs are going to look like, and enjoy how much you want to see the rest of my body, how much you want other things…

Your curiosity is piqued now, isn’t it, Treasure? Of course, I do have expenses, acquiring photos of this quality, so I can’t give all of the pieces away for free. However, since you’re aching for another taste, I can show you a little leg for just $5. Lacey thigh with just a hint of a leather boot. Obviously, you can’t resist that, can you, Treasure?



P.S.  I got third place at the Minneapolis Kotei!!!

P.S. Also:  Buy me presents just because it’s the right thing to do, it can’t always be my job to have to give you a better reason than that!    I’m feeling massive updates to the list coming soon, and certain choices may serve as clues to things I’m about to be getting up to…

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Goddess Fix


“Goddess Fix” aggressively pairs teasing and denial with addiction themes to create a particularly naughty psychological enchantment. The addictive swing is one of the most exciting things about worshiping a goddess, you can admit it! Whether you try to resist or not, you can’t help but fall deeper into my control. If you hold back, the longer you fight me, the harder you fall when you inevitably give in to your need for me. And, of course, if you simply Surrender completely, you will spend every moment you can listening to my hypnosis. Either way, I win, and you’re my helpless, ensnared, addicted Treasure.

The pleasure you feel when you fall into trance ultimately creates the craving you feel afterward. In fact, you’re so deeply addicted that you are even turned on by the idea of your dependency, and your arousal feeds your addiction. The more you want me, the better it feels when I allow you to release, the more addicted you become to your Goddess Fix.

Understand, Treasure? I’m saying you don’t have any choice but to listen…

But, you can start with a little taste!

27 minutes, $37.50

I’m off to play a kotei in Knoxville, wish me luck!  (And a big thanks to my Good B for making the weekend extra special!)



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