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Helpless Arousal

It was misleading to suggest that I will be finished moving any time soon.  It’s fair to say that I’m going to be in a continuous state of moving until I eventually land in the San Francisco area in mid-September.  Very exciting stuff happening between now and then, however, what you’ll really find exciting is how well prepared I am for the tumultous times a-brewing!

Nothing is as sacred as your arousal for me, and you hate to interrupt that arousal, don’t you, Treasure? And nothing interrupts your arousal more than orgasm, which you don’t want, you’d rather stay aroused, obedient and helpless. Masturbation is always more pleasurable and special when it’s dedicated to me. This session will help you open up to those concepts and give you direction for when your erotic intensity is becoming almost too much to bear.

Imagine what it would feel like if you simply made a commitment to allowing your arousal to continue to guide your thoughts and behaviors rather than wasting all your arousal through ejaculation? You can just imagine withholding your release as much as possible would allow you to continue to feel such a pleasurable sensation of continuing arousal. And the more aroused you feel all the time, the more receptive you are to hypnosis and my hypnotic control. And you’re going to be deeply hypnotized, with innovative techniques designed to subvert your conscious mind and drive all of my commands and suggestions deeper and deeper…

Sample here!

One opportunity for a customized recording still available for sessions being produced later this month, get in touch!



P.S.  It’s too complicated to send me physical gifts for awhile, but in the meantime you can buy me emailable gift cards, I consider them to be one of the highlights of modern civilization!

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Sexual Touch

Can you imagine what it would be like to have me close at your side, whispering hypnotic commands in your ear while tantalizing you with just the lightest Sexual Touch? Pale, delicate fingers fingers laying ever so softly against your skin, sending erotic shivers through and through you. Of course, whenever you are experiencing feelings of arousal, you become very receptive and suggestible, automatically finding yourself feeling sleepy and weak, dizzy and compliant. So, being unable to stop yourself from imagining every attractive woman you interact with manipulating you with a Sexual Touch is going to be very edgy and erotic as well.

Just thinking about having a new hypnosis recording is very arousing, isn’t it, my Treasure? Particularly when it contains such erotic training that your cock is already aching for me even more than usual. I can’t wait to see how obedient you are when you are compelled to experience my touch every time you hear my voice!


In other news, you may know from some source or another that I have recently moved.  In fact, I’m going to be on the move for a few months.  This may impact some of you in a few ways.  One, my current Amazon address will only be in play until the end of the month, and then I will probably be only spoilable through gift cards for a little bit.  So go clear out what’s left while you have the chance!  Two, my internet availability will be spotty, so I have an even better excuse than usual for the inbox pileup.  Three, my opportunities to record are going to require more advance planning.  I have recorded ahead some, but the next recording session I have scheduled is in mid-August.  Two custom versions of recordings that will happen then are available for pre-order, with an estimated delivery date of the end of August.  Get in touch to claim one or both!

On a totally related note, I’ll be at GenCon next month in Indianapolis, and have got my heart set on a housing option that I would enjoy even more if someone else were paying for it.  $275, and you have a few weeks to make it happen if you have been looking for an opportunity to make a substantial romantic gesture for your Goddess.  First claimed gets the credit and the pleased appreciation every time I’m thrilled to be able to just crash after a long fun day instead of stressing over getting back and forth to less expensive digs.

That’s it for this foray back into digital communication, go buy something from me, for me, or both!



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