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I worked on Christmas, now I’m going to go play my fluttering tail off for two weeks! I am in dire need, too, life has been really intense for a long time, and I’m brain fried. So, before getting on to the new recording, just a few brief things:

1) I love my Treasures, I’m so grateful for the lifestyle your sexy fetishes enable! Thanks for everything.

2) Buy lots of recordings before the end of the year! (There are awesome ones listed on the lower left of the page, you should have them all!)

3) Buy this recording!

“Center” plays heavily with the imagery of space: The Earth revolves around the sun, the sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way, and my good Treasures revolve around me. This session will enhance your conviction that I am the Center of your Universe, drawing attention to how sexy it is to be caught in my inescapable gravity. Isn’t it easy to imagine yourself being helplessly spun around in orbit around my light and heat? The cosmic metaphors used throughout “Center” will utterly melt you, not just because the majesty of space is inherently mind-blowing, not only because there’s something incredibly erotic about saying brainy things in a sexy voice, but also because they are so perfect for describing the perfect Treasure mindset.

Starting from a conceptually strong base, the mixing of this session is really what takes it out of this world. It is vital that you listen to “Center” with stereo headphones, as the binaural play is going to make your head spin. The interplay between the brainwashing loops and the center programming (which comes in slightly and cunningly later than you are accustomed to experiencing) is, I dare say, stunning. I anticipate a very visceral trance, and hypnotically experienced subjects in particular will find that this is one of those recordings…

37 minutes long, and you can listen to a sample here!

Celebrations make me whimsical, so I’ve decided to offer the very same recording at three price points. First, there the special Low Holiday Price of $25, in the hopes that it will make the recording, of which I am extremely proud, a little more accessible to more Treasures and curious potential Treasures. Second, you can select the regular price of $37.50, which is mostly available because when the sale price goes away I might as well already have this button. Third, there is a Seasonal Spoiling price of $75, which works out to one for the price of two. Which, as bargains go, is not good shopping, but as spoiling goes is really sexy! If you like going above and beyond and don’t like lots of extra clicks to do it, this is for you.

I hope all of your holiday celebration so far and to come are wonderful, and I look forward to training and trancing you in ever more exciting ways next year!



Last Updated on Monday, 26 December 2011 12:26

Happy Holidaze

I know, I know, I’m sooooo quiet lately! Most strangely, I’ve been absolutely silent during the second best time of the year to be reminding my spoiling Treasures how much I like presents, and of the easy ways to please me with them. I know some of you have been worried about what that may mean, because I’ve received several sweet e-mails checking up on me.

What can I say? This lifestyle I lead makes it sometimes too possible to fade deep into my own head for a long time and confront the terrible and wonderful things there. So, sometimes I disappear for a little while. However, in the long term, I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry! And, while you might not have a new session each and every time you want one, you can trust every hypnosis session I release will be a high-quality product of joy and creative inspiration. So, love me even when I don’t say anything, I deserve it.

Now, let’s be clear: I have not been quiet out of a lack of a desire for Christmas presents! Lots of loves and thanks to my sweet Treasures who have already found their way to my Amazon list. There are lots of swell toys left, and I don’t mind getting things after the 25th, I like stretching the prezzies out! If you would like to add sparkle to a particular holiday date, I do enjoy the instant delivery of e-gift certificates. Amazon and Southwest tend to be my favorites.

Another way to make my day is to gift a few of my favorite worthy causes. Here are three suggestions:

My first suggestion, It Only Take A Girl, came to my attention by way of a moving and informative video shared by several of my awesome Facebook friends. Check out the video, or just go straight to the donation page to support women worldwide.

Another great charity is water.org. I’m really impressed by the way they address a basic need with sustainable solutions by working with the communities they serve. Good stuff.

Finally, I recommend Wikipedia for generous impulses. While they might not save as many lives as the first two, I know life quality is seriously improved for many of us by their commitment to community knowledge.

Also, let’s not forget the most basic way to add sparkle to my holiday cheer: Spoil yourself with a spending spree of my recordings! While you might yet get something new this month if you’re very good, it’s a wonderful time for obedient Treasures to get yourself something nice from your goddess!


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