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Irresistible Urge

Greetings from Paradise!  Or, at least, quite close enough for me.  I’m having a wonderful life here by the Bay, excellent times with both the wonderful people I know here and deeply enjoying my own company.   I have been thrilled to enjoy, once again, a delightful shower of spoiling, I love being somewhere I can receive packages!  My Treasures are so very, very pleasing, I am a happy goddess.  In addition to my classic Material Lusts wish list, which currently contains many little ways to make my life a bit more delightful, I have been actively updating and avidly watching my new Kink and Ultimate Luxury wish lists.

These two lists are both currently only available through a link you can purchase through Niteflirt or get directly as a treat from me.  Ultimate Luxury will eventually go public in the holiday season, but not until Mid-December to give my most committed Treasures the first crack at the most glamorous things I want.  Kink, on the other hand, is something I am always going to set a high bar to acquire  as it is so very personal.  The first round of gifts from Kink cleared me out so quickly that I have had to get creative in adding more, I’m currently, in addition to various sexy gadgets, adding the kinds of clothes I want to wear while playing.  One Treasure can get the link to Kink directly from me by committing to buying me a particular toy from the list that’s going to be about $80 with shipping.  First come, serves!

Okay, one other practical matter before we get to the new recording, I know you’re so excited to read about it, so I’ll be brief!  I have attempted to send out a thank you photo to everyone who supported my IndieGoGo campaign, the success of which pleased me greatly.  If you contributed but did not receive said photo, e-mail me!

And now…  Irresistible Urge!

You know it’s down there, deep inside you, locked, held, and restrained.  You’re tantalized by it, and you fear it, but you can never understand it.  Such a powerful force, your Irresistible Urge.

I understand this urge, my Treasure, I know how to unleash it, how to use it to create deepening sexual control over you.  This session will do just that, using powerful, extensive induction techniques to make sure that you are dropped into a heavy trance.  Meanwhile, seductive subliminals and sexy commands will inflame all of your submissive, obedient, sexual energy, and thrumming biaural effects will drive you deeper down, making you vulnerable and helpless to that Irresistible Urge.

This session is the perfect length for repeat training at 35 minutes.  Irresistible Urge is going straight to my list of recordings that are absolutely necessary for the basics of training in being deeply devoted to me.  I am incredibly proud of this piece, and it’s going to be easy for you to hear why.

You are going to Surrender to me, and to whatever that urge is, that primal itch you’re so driven to scratch.  You know what I’m talking about, you can feel it deep in your pelvis, aching, craving, needing my direction.  You have to have my hypnosis, my enchanting training, you have to have it right now, isn’t that right, Treasure?

First, to draw the experience out, even though you already know, deep down, that you have to have the full recording, you can listen to just a little taste

Or, greedy, hungry Treasure, you can just get it right now!




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Pleasing Love

A chanting rhythmic induction of total sweet Surrender will make your body sleepy and your mind clear, focused on how confident you are in the way you love me. Fully in touch with your deepest intuition, I’ll lead you through an exploration of exactly the way you love me, a love that Pleases me so much. And the deeper you fall in love with me, the more you need to please me, the more obedient you become…

With seductive subliminal loops swirling around a clear, compelling delivery, there’s no way you can resist falling deeper into a Pleasing Love.

Sample here!



P.S.  My current IndieGoGo campaign is still going, with some excellent perks remaining and just over $100 to go to reach the stretch goal of getting a new set of sexy photos!  

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