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A New Recording to Warm Your Winter

Season’s Greetings, darling Treasures.  I am loving the wonderful Christmas gifts rolling in, thank you so much!  Eleven days to go, so don’t let it slip your mind if you want to be on my Nice list.  I’ll be watching my list to make sure plenty of options remain, and if you need help picking something out or want to entreat for a special assignment, send me an email with “Christmas Wishes” in the subject line.  I love picking out my presents, it makes me feel so spoiled!

The icon has absolutely noting to do with the recording, it’s just such a sexy picture that I thought it might create a frenzy of desperate arousal in my well trained Treasures.

Sometimes I am just so utterly devious in the way I train my Treasures that it gives me shivers. This session is one such carefully crafted piece of art. The underlying structure is a base of solidly effective hypnosis techniques, with very special attention paid to induction and deepeners throughout. This session is at the top of the excellent quality of hypnosis for which you have come to trust me.

Next, this is literally the answer to the prayers of my much beloved Treasures. Between the lines and explicitly in every email I receive I hear, “Take me deeper, Goddess. Take me farther, show me fuller levels of trance, obedience, and Surrender.” Are you ready for that, Treasure? How badly do you want it?

Furthermore, this trance plays with teasing and denial in a way that will keep you pleasingly hot and hard for me. Rather than being an aggressive ravishing, this will build up slowly and inevitably over time, like a long, regular flogging that begins feeling relaxing and sensual, then grows over time into something tantalizing and torturous.

This training will take the essential nature of your being, your need to fall deeper and deeper into hypnosis for me, and make it work in the service of that very desire. And the trap…?  Well, you’ll see. Or you won’t. It doesn’t really matter, you’re going to fall in anyway, because you need to go deeper…

The raw statistics are that this is a 32 minute, 59 MB recording priced at $37.50.

A little taste.



P.S.  Seriously, Christmas presents, I wants lots of them.  I say that it the very sweetest way you can imagine, with both a playfully pouty lip and a sparking eye that you can’t resist.

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Intense Euphoria and Other News

Hello, my delightful Treasures!  I have so much to cover, starting with making sure you know about my most recent session, reminding you of last month’s training opportunity, letting you know about the possibility of upcoming customs, and orienting you to my dearest holiday desires.  So let’s begin with a sexy picture of my hot bod…

No one understands euphoria better than this Goddess, and in this session I use that knowledge to create an additional dimension to your ongoing hypnotic training. Intense Euphoria will create not just an immediate sense of blissful arousal while you listen, but also broaden your experience of all hypnosis to include an increased feeling of happy well-being. Of course, the more euphoric you are when you trance for me, the more powerfully affected you will be by all of my commands and suggestions. The more powerful the impact of my brainwashing, the more aroused you become, the more euphoric you feel…

There’s nothing you want or need more than to be blissed out under my control, open and vulnerable to everything I want from you, isn’t that right, Treasure? You’re such a lucky boy, because you can have that right now…

Listen to a sample.

Okay, go buy that and come back… Ready?

Next, it is possible that you missed my Urge Manipulation PtV Experience, and, given the response, it’s something so very hot that you really don’t want to miss out.  A step-by-step exploration of your Irresistible Urge combining photographic, audio, and textual elements.  Looking for a cure for winter blahs or simply a holiday treat?  This will put your mind right!

So many ways to please me, how about a treat for a few of you? I’ve been recording in batches these past many months, and it has worked very well, you all certainly seem to enjoy the clockwork release of a new recording every month! One side effect is that custom versions of recordings are available for sale only periodically, and have a wait of up to 3-4 months before you receive the recording.

Custom versions are based on the general recording I’m working on, but include your name and special references to things that I know hit your buttons. Moving has increased the associated expenses, so I am permanently moving the base cost up slightly from the original $500 to the more recent $600. Only four of these customs are available for this batch of recording, so please contact me if you are interested in one or more of them.

Finally, my undeniably favorite order of business, presents!

My very amazing, Pleasing Treasures have been doing such a good job keeping me spoiled since I’ve arrived at my new home, and I am particularly enjoying the results of using my Kink and Ultimate Luxury lists.  I have just updated all of my very grateful thank yous, which you can read by going to the “Purchased” view of all three Wish Lists and reading the comment next to your gift.  I am a very spoiled and happy goddess!

I have also updated all three lists for Christmas shopping!  I’ve carefully selected things that I want very much and thoughtfully prioritized them for your shopping convenience.  On my primary list, Material Lusts, I want all of my Highest priorities particularly badly, but at the top of the top of the list are the futon mattress, the perfume, and Dixit.

My Ultimate Luxury list showcases the most decadent gifts I dream of, things I would passionately enjoy owning but would never buy myself, luxury that makes me feel almost shy.  I may move some things over from here to Material Lusts in mid-December, but until then you can get the first pick of these special gifts by buying the link.  From Ultimate Luxury I salivate over the headphones, boots and dresses.

Finally, there’s the Kink list!  Only available any season to those with the link, which I keep exclusive by making it either very expensive to buy or requiring very impressive to earn.  I won’t preview the wants here, I’ll just remind those with the key that you are the handful of special Treasures responsible for making sure the things on this list move!

Of course, you can always do right with Amazon and Southwest gift cards, emailed to goddesskasha@gmail.com.
Wow, that’s a lot!  With so many options, no excuse not to go Please me now, right, Treasure?





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