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Mission of Decadence



I’m simply not going to permit you to hold back from the things you truly desire anymore, Treasure. You will indulge in every sensation, taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound – take every possible moment to allow yourself to truly feel and enjoy everything that provokes an impulse or urge within you. I am passionate for decadent indulgence, and I want you to Surrender to yours completely.

Decadence is not something negative. Decadence is when you commit yourself to an intense enjoyment of pleasure in every possible way. Self-indulgence in your most erotic urges makes you feel complete.

And, of course, your deepest urge is to please your Goddess. There is nothing you want more than to obey your Goddess. Nothing gives you more pleasure than worshiping and spoiling your Goddess. Your Goddess is pleased with you when you indulge your desires very deeply, and you want to please your Goddess very badly. You can please your Goddess by spoiling yourself and indulging in your desires. Nothing feels better than letting yourself spoil me by spoiling yourself, and nothing feels more like spoiling me than absolute worship and obedience.

You have so many urges related to your Goddess – the urge to surrender, the urge to obey, the urge to spoil and please. Indulge in the urges that make you feel happy, even if those urges feel naughty – especially if they feel so naughty that they’re scary.

I want you to indulge yourself and let yourself do the things that make you feel good. You shouldn’t resist what feels good. You must Surrender to what feels good. When you have impulses to do things that make you feel good, you should spoil yourself and indulge those urges deeply.

Your purpose is to make choices that bring you intense pleasure. Decadence is your mission.

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P.S.  If you missed last month’s recording because you were waiting for it in Goody Bag format, I have that for you, too!

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Mutations of Wanting

Relax. Surrender. Sleep deeply for me right now.

You’re relaxed, sleepy, maybe even a little drowsy, like you’ve just taken a drug that is now beginning to affect you. Just let this sleepy feeling of relaxation wash over you in pleasant waves, making you sleepy and relaxed and aroused.

You spend so much time every day resisting your innate desires – everyone does – but now you can just let your desires flow through you, driving you deeper and deeper into trance. Feel that pleasant tingle of yearning, that warm ache, captivating your will and making your thoughts cloudy and indistinct.

Soon, you will experience desire perfectly, and all of your desires will flow through your ache for Kasha Shakti. Any time you feel desire, any time you experience yearning, you will immediately associate your craving as the desire for Kasha Shakti.

This 32 minute MP3 includes vocal effects and hypnotic sound effects. THEMES: Love and addiction hypnosis, deep hypnotic trance, branwashing and mental conditioning, intense goddess worship, hypnotic submissive training.

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P.S.  Many thanks to Treasures who sent Southwest certificates!  I have been well taken care of, and am happily prepping the rest of my holiday Wish List for Friday.

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