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Binaural Brainwashing


You hear it, you know it’s there, you know what it’s there for, but that doesn’t change anything.  You want to be sinking just as quickly as you are, as quickly as you can, into the pulsing beats behind my voice.  Dissolving into the erotic bliss of obedience to my words, so sweet and sultry, taking you down into hazy arousal.  Can you imagine?

It sounds like this…

I love to scrub your dirty mind clean of everything but my voice, and I will use every tool at my disposal to take you into the deepest levels of trance you have ever experienced.  Expertly crafted layers will shatter you and sweep you up over and again.  Your addiction to my erotic hypnosis is tugging at you so hard thinking about listening to this session, isn’t that right, Treasure?  You don’t have to wait, you can just…

However, if you can spare a moment before rushing to Surrender to my voice, I want you to know that I had an amazing Birthday and Valentine’s Day this year!  You can see pictures of how a goddess do at Disneyland on her birthday on Facebook.  I think this one is my favorite:


But, it might also be this one:


Basically, in February I got a ton of great gifts, and I got to do everything I wanted and have everything I wanted.  Thank you so much to all of my spoiling Treasures for being so very good to me!  I am a Pleased Goddess.

Back to your Sample and Purchase now, you deserve it!



PS  I’m not going to need this outfit until April, but I’m addicted to doing my Disneying in a foofy dress now, and I have the next one all picked out, so you can get started on it whenever you’re ready!



Last Updated on Saturday, 1 March 2014 06:36

An Already Amazing Birthday!

My wonderful Treasures have been so on top of making my birthday wishes come true!  In addition to contributions for my upcoming celebratory trip to LA, so many gifts have been purchased that I’m searching to come up with many more Material Lusts to list.  Which is an amazing feeling, to know that I am so satiated in my desires for possessions after years of excellent spoiling.  There are still a few important things, however, the most prominent being the Big Gift I just decided for certain that I want, after years of consideration, the Vitamix!  This is one of those things I will use often and always remember who is responsible, so if any extravagantly good Treasures have yet to act, this is quite the opportunity.

I am so excited about my birthday plans!  I’m going to be headed down to LA and Anaheim for a fantastic 10-day schedule of spending time with amazing people and getting my February Disneyland fix.  Some of my best Treasures have made sure that adventure will be extra-spoiley, and it may just be the best birthday ever.  Of course, I like to start a journey relaxed and looking my best, so I’ll be having a spa day tomorrow, feeling very pleased with the Treasures who have sent me Spafinder gift certificates.

When I get back from socal I will have a few weeks of prep time before I make a huge life transition into a full-time nomad lifestyle.  Many years ago I realized that to both travel extensively and spend most of my time with my darling doggie I would need to get creative.  Living full-time in an rv seemed like the perfect solution!  It’s taken a long time, but now I am just a month away from taking to the road in my very own mobile nest.  This has had a tremendous influence on my wish list, as I’m sure many of you have noticed!  I both need a whole range of special equipment to prepare myself and will only be able to travel with so much stuff, so, for the indefinite future, expect a short list of things that I want very much.

I know I indicated that there would be special assignments, but I don’t have much to offer.  Just keep buying me presents faster than I can think of things that I want, that’s pretty cool!



Last Updated on Thursday, 6 February 2014 12:31