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After much delightful begging, I’m giving in to the Goody system.  So far, I like it!  Let me know what you think, and if everything goes smooth from the Treasure perspective.

Loyaltease is a deep hypnosis session with a strong loyalty theme, training you to be ever so very much My Treasure.  Long, thorough brainwashing induction is enchanting and arousing, putting you in just the state in which I most love to have you: desperately turned on, obedient, and deeply asleep.

In addition to the chastity, orgasm denial, cock control and loyalty training, this session includes light financial domination.  Some of you will be so delighted to learn that, at least for the next month, I am restocking my Amazon wish list, for my spoiling pleasure and your pleasing obedience.  Bookmark the list now, you’ll want it in the mind-addled state you’ll be in after listening…

Do you want to start with a teasing little sample?

I’ve been so very Pleased with my Treasures lately, keep up the Good Behavior!




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Elements of Kasha PtV



My darling Treasure, I have something so special for you!

While I know how much you enjoy laying back and simply focusing on my voice, I also know how much it turns you on to get to see me being gorgeous and powerful as I take you down into trance. Accordingly, I have created a series of loopable, short videos, each focusing on a different method of visual hypnosis. In addition, each video is themed to a different element, from a system of five: Void, Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

These extremely hot, high-quality video loops come with their own audio, but are also perfect for playing along with your favorite hypnotic audio for a unique experience. I’ve made a few recommendations to get your mind working in the right direction for this specific Elemental training, but your imagination and creativity will, I’m sure, lead you to exciting combinations.

I’m sure you’re already feeling the stirrings in your cock that tell you that you desperately need these PtV, the way you need my hypnosis and control. You know you need to please me, and you’re so greedy for any sight of my beautiful body, isn’t that right, Treasure? Still, to help you see exactly how badly you are going to want to work your way through each and every element of me, here’s a preview video that will show you a brief moment from each stage along the way:

Preview Video

(Need a Quicktime download?  Here it is!)

Go ahead and step into the Void now, Treasure, there’s really no other choice, you’re craving for oblivion is about to be stoked beyond your maddest hopes, so Click. Right. Now.



P.S.  Apparently that lollipop has been putting people over the edge, so the Spoiling Exercise for Water has been pretty well attended during the pre-release responses, a little extra love on Earth (Amazon gift cards) would be great!




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