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Mutations of Wanting

Relax. Surrender. Sleep deeply for me right now.

You’re relaxed, sleepy, maybe even a little drowsy, like you’ve just taken a drug that is now beginning to affect you. Just let this sleepy feeling of relaxation wash over you in pleasant waves, making you sleepy and relaxed and aroused.

You spend so much time every day resisting your innate desires – everyone does – but now you can just let your desires flow through you, driving you deeper and deeper into trance. Feel that pleasant tingle of yearning, that warm ache, captivating your will and making your thoughts cloudy and indistinct.

Soon, you will experience desire perfectly, and all of your desires will flow through your ache for Kasha Shakti. Any time you feel desire, any time you experience yearning, you will immediately associate your craving as the desire for Kasha Shakti.

This 32 minute MP3 includes vocal effects and hypnotic sound effects. THEMES: Love and addiction hypnosis, deep hypnotic trance, branwashing and mental conditioning, intense goddess worship, hypnotic submissive training.

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P.S.  Many thanks to Treasures who sent Southwest certificates!  I have been well taken care of, and am happily prepping the rest of my holiday Wish List for Friday.

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The Thrill of Service


This trance, as you may imagine, is all about training you in having a specific response to service, and service as a specific response. I’m confident that you’ve noticed how satisfying service can be, particularly devoted service to me as your goddess. I’m going to build on that wonderful and natural inclination to make sure you feel very special and aroused when you are giving of your time, effort, or money.

I want you to believe about yourself in service what I believe about you: That it demonstrates how strong, confident and sexy you are. I want you to feel proud of your powerful acts of service. When you serve me in the ways that I train and instruct you, I want you to feel very closely held and valued.

Of course, anyone could have good feelings about being valuable to others, but your good feelings need to go from your heart all the way down into your throbbing, aching cock. It’s such a primal pleasure, service, that it immediately turns you on deep in your core when you respond to that base desire. Furthermore, you need service as a way of expressing your most intense arousal, particularly when indulging in periods of chastity for me.

Let yourself surrender to this training on one of your most natural forms of sexual strength — We’ll both be pleased that you did!

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