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Primal Urge


This trance will take you back to your most intense years of sexual energy, reminding you of what it feels like to be a horny, out of control teenager.  My voice will set your body on fire, making your cock hard and your mind empty.  You will be desperate, writhing, desperate for me, and you will know that you would do anything to be allowed to release for me.  All your naughty guilt, confusion, shame, and wild need will be focused on making you completely helpless to me.

In addition to aggressive sexuality, Primal Urge also utilizes the extreme deepening techniques that I know you crave.  I love applying all of my hypnotic skill to taking control of your mind through your body, your body through your mind.  Nothing is more powerful in training you to be a more pleasing and obedient Treasure than your Primal Urge.

Before you listen, I want you to make sure you have a lubricant nearby so that you will be able to obey all of my very specific instructions.  You should not listen to this session during a period set aside for chastity, but it is perfect for the end of an arc of denial. In any case, these forty minutes will feel like an agonizingly long tease all by themselves.

Listen to a Sample and you’ll quickly be ready to Buy.



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Advanced Chastity: Addiction


If you’re looking for an exciting way to renew or begin a deeper sexual devotion to your goddess going into the new year, then you are a very lucky Treasure!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have a particular fancy for keeping my Treasures locked up in transformative states of chastity as an ongoing training program.  To this end I have created a series of interactive tease and denial experiences available through the magic of PtV programming.  Earlier this year I released the first level, Advanced Chastity: Brainwashing and it was obvious how much you have craved such an intense, structured sexual experience where you can truly lose control of your ability to orgasm.

Advanced Chastity: Addiction is now available to push that training even farther.  It begins with a message that includes the base full-length recording, as well as special instructions about how to continue your training.  Here are a few words from someone who has been obedient to my daily commands:

“i’ve been training with Your second Advanced Chastity program these past few days, and the experience has been incredible. Being this encased in Your control is like nothing i’ve felt before. In the past, chastity gave me trouble. i lacked the discipline to fully commit to surrendering control of my cock. Even during Advanced Chastity Level One, it was a struggle to get through each day. But this time around, it’s felt natural, almost automatic, to comply with Your commands. i simply accept my arousal as a matter of course. Whenever i touch myself, i find my hands drifting away from my cock as soon as i approach orgasm. There have even been moments when i thought orgasm was inevitable, when i would have an accident and have to pay Your penalty, but it simply didn’t happen. The sensation passed, and i did not release. As a result, i’ve spent these last few days feeling especially helpless and hypnotized and obedient.”

You can go ahead and listen to a sample, as a bit of a tease…

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful Treasures for the wonderful stack of gifts I unwrapped when I got home from my Christmas travels!  It is so good to be a goddess on the holidays, I feel so loved and spoiled by your lovely presents, which continue to arrive every day.

I’ll be going on adventure again in a few days to try out my new toys on the road and also get more use out of my Disneyland pass while all of the special holiday stuff is still happening.  I’ll try to keep plenty of things on my Amazon Wish List, since I know some of you are going to be desperate to show your gratitude in the upcoming days, but feel free to send gift certificates if it runs low!

I love my Treasures so much, and I hope you all have wonderful celebrations of what you accomplished in 2013 and for your aspirations towards 2014.



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