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Primal Awakening


A perfect addition to the final days of your Beltane fast and vividly sexy for any time of year, Primal Awakening plays in that place of raw, sexual energy that is my favorite psychological erogenous zone.  Starting with a skillfully firm tug all the way down deep into your core, sleepier and sexier, waking up your desperate cock with the stroking of my words to put you into a delightfully helpless trance.  The more awake and aroused your cock becomes, the more blank and empty your mind will fall, impossible to think with both your cock and your mind at the same time, and you know which controls you as you just helplessly sink into my hypnosis.

Once I’ve accessed your primal self, it’s time for some intense programming that with bind your obedient, animal nature to my service, my pleasure.  Nothing feels better in the most basic part of your nature, nothing feels as right, as satisfying, or arousing, as being totally enslaved to my desire, isn’t that right, Treasure?  You keep coming closer and closer to a place of Total Surrender, and I’m very pleased with you.  Now it’s time to take one more step into the relaxing, sleepy, foggy pleasure of my control with the Primal Awakening of your powerful sexual being.

 Here’s a sample…

  You can thank me later, and I’m quite certain you will.  Speaking of thanking me…

Many of you have noticed that, for the first time in these many years, my Amazon Wish List sits fallow!  The reason is that I haven’t yet figured out the best way of receiving gifts in my nomadic lifestyle.  But, don’t despair, you can still spoil me!  Amazon gift certificates, so I can strategically plan packages, SpaFinder gift certificates, Southwest gift certificates, and cash are all delightful.  I’m very interested to realize that many banks are now allowing you to send money directly from your account to any email address.  I happen to have an email address!  Send goodies and reports on your pleasing progress as my Good Treasure to goddesskasha@gmail.com.

After you listen to this recording you’re really going to want to do something to spoil me, so you might as well be prepared.






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Edge Trigger



Every Good Treasure knows that the best feeling in the world is being in a state of arousal that pushes the boundary of orgasm while remaining decidedly teased and in my control. This session plays with that erotic edge aggressively, and makes the sensation even more compelling by using that desperate arousal to drive you deep into trance. And then, I’m going to use that knockout hypnotic state to turn the heat up even more, until there really is no different between trance and arousal. No difference between arousal and trance…

Edge Trigger implants a trigger to which you will find it very easy to respond, even as your training is just beginning. All you have to do is obey my commands as I instruct you to take yourself to the edge of orgasm and simply…stay that way. Of course, you don’t think any of my sessions are really quite so simple as that, do you, Treasure? You’re so vulnerable and easy to program when there is no room in your mind for anything but my voice telling you to play with your cock for me, of course I’m going to take advantage of you…

You should listen to the Sample, I want you to get you hard for me as soon as possible.

Ready for the next step?

General life update: At the end of the month, I will be a full-time goddess of the road! I’m finishing getting packed up and moved out, while also still taking time to play along the way. My wonderful Treasures have done so much to be a part of getting my life to the place where I can be on permanent vacation mode, and it lights my heart up for you. Who knows what may come after the transition: live sessions, skype sessions, special programs, new breakthroughs in hypnotic goddess technology? Stay focused on my and I’ll keep you informed!

One great place to gain information about what kinds of things are important and interesting to me is, of course, my Amazon wish list



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