For now, the shortest statement I can make about the fundamental essence of existence is:

I Play.

Some other favorite ways of trying to say the same thing I’m trying to say with “I Play” are:
Thou Art Play. God Plays. Goddess Plays. God is Play. Source Plays. Play is Love. Play is the Pattern. All is Play. There is no Play. Use the Play. I Think, Therefore I Play.

That is, as to a metaphysical, spiritual, religious Something, for convenience designated temporarily as a�?Goda�? — God Plays without the same assumptions about serious things and not serious things human minds take for granted, without making fine differentiations between intensely a�?positivea�? and a�?negativea�? emotions, without knowing any more than we do if in the long run a moment of pain will have lasting value and cleansing beauty. God Plays, bemused by the choices we make, but trying to understand us and play along. God is an utterly childlike, present-present force of pure Play. A Good God.

For me, there is something I enjoy about the way a�?God Playsa�? sounds, but it is unsatisfying in that it doesn’t resist a connotation of a male and Christian god. (Who obviously Plays, if as described in the Christian Bible!) Of course, a�?I Playa�? doesn’t necessarily sing I-in-the-sense-that-I-am-one-with-everything-and-therefore-divine, does it? So, context, always a bitch! Of course, what I like about a�?I Playa�? is that it covers the double meaning of a�?I as God/dessa�? and a�?I as Kashaa�? in one perfectly me little snippet!

Play, to me, looks like one or more of the following things, or other things like them: intentional activity, productive activity, poking to see what will happen, doing something scary, asking questions, sitting still, going bigger, losing control, finding direction, breaking open, putting pieces together, growing closer, thinking, thinking about crazy stuff, instigating, learning passionately, creating, sharing, devouring, flowing, chilling, healing expressing, yelling, dancing, loving, touching, fluttering…

The sublime is in the gestalt of Playing your most ecstatic game, Playing with others, Playing with God, Play as a state of being, trying to learn the games that others are Playing around you, accepting that the beautiful and the fucked up are all Play. Moments it’s too painful to us to be seen as Play don’t change the playful intention, if any, of an Intentionator, the way sharp kitten claws or puppy teeth can break skin without malice.

I have created for myself a mantra to chant while nurturing a strong Spirit of Play, which I am delighted to share! I’ve used Sanskrit terms to say: a�?God Plays. Goddess Plays. I Play.a�?

Deva KriiDati. Devataa KriiDati. Aham KriiDaa.

The purpose of this mantra is to develop focus towards Playing my best, hardest, most joyful and loving games all of the time. By getting into the habit of chanting it to myself in idle moments I will remember to Play, and I will notice that the moment is not idle! Chanting the simple syllables until my brain goes numb as a form of meditation will still my chatter and clear the Knowledge of the Best of All Playfulness. When I am choking on outrage at some seeming injustice in the order of things, I can, theoretically, chant this mantra to distract me from behaving without faith that the Universe is a Good Place and wants us to be Happy. And, most importantly, I will have something to say to myself the many, many times I have yet to be astounded by the things that appear in my infinitely expanding experience of reality!

I Play!!!