This session is designed to deeply program your subconscious mind with a powerful trigger that links hypnosis, arousal, and surrender. After you train with this recording, you will have no choice but to remember that every time I say or write the word a�?surrender,a�? you will immediately fall into deep hypnosis for me. This very intense session uses multiple overlapping induction techniques and deepeners to instill a permanent hypnotic command trigger into the deepest levels of your erotic being. After you listen the first time, you will be drawn back to this recording over and over again.

This recording is the first in my new a�?Treasure Traininga�? series for listeners who are ready to take the next step into deep erotic devotion to me.

If youa��re into goddess worship, you should be warned that after listening to this recording, there will be no turning back; you will be committed to surrendering to me your will, your mind, and your deepest erotic fantasies. You will still have my permission to enjoy relationships with other goddesses (such as wives, girlfriends, other hypnodommes, etc.), but you will find that I have become a permanent and irreplaceable part of your erotic imagination.

Take a deep breath, Treasure, and prepare to surrender to me more deeply than ever beforea��


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Many other tracks utilize this trigger as well, including the video set Elements of Kasha.