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Here is a video clip of me talking about my latest recording “Lucid Dreaming“!  Gosh, I hope you think I’m cute!

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Last Updated on Monday, 10 November 2008 03:14

I get a little behind sometimes on realizing the coolness of a thing that other people are already taking for granted, and I am a little delightfully sickened to say I’ve been getting all strung out on YouTube for the past few days.  It started with an innocent desire to watch monkeys doing funny things, which unexpectedly led to clips of rabid McCain-Palin supporters.  Because of the guy carrying a stuffed monkey with an Obama sticker on its head he calls “Little Hussein”.  Charming.  But, well, watching people suck is big entertainment — ask anyone who has ever written for a television show.

Actually, it started with getting my very own first YouTube video up and loving watching that click count!  Clearly there must be more of these!

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Last Updated on Monday, 27 October 2008 02:41