Goddess, I just listened “bondage is simple” and it occurred to me that listening to various files leads to contradictory instructions. For example in bondage you instruct “no touching”, while in files from personality programming you instruct “stroking”. Is there some way to optimize my training?

Thank you for asking, darling Subject! In the course of creating sessions for many people at a time contradictions have always fairly inevitable. For example, it has always been important to me that my Treasures not follow any of my commands that would damage themselves or their relationships. Often, I describe physical traits or arousal responses that are not going to be literally reflected by everyone. Also, recordings released over time haven’t necessarily been designed for use in concert. While it would be wonderful to be able to give very specific guidance in each and every case, it is incumbent on Good Treasures to be the expert on your personal circumstances and the appropriate interpretations. In doing so, it is helpful to consider:

1) My commands and instructions are never to be construed in a way that causes harm or damage. These edges are fun to play with, I might want you stretched, pushed, excited, nervous, but never want to have a destructive impact.

2) Release Planning. Some achieve similar training results when abstaining for 72 hours as others do at a month. Some do well never releasing outside of experiences with partners-in-the-flesh. The goal is for you to be universally eager and obedient, plan accordingly!

3) Virtual Goddess a��this session is designed to help increase the experience of personalized control by programming an internal guide who is omnipresent and knows more about you than you think you do.

4) A few specifics that come up often:
* Permission to orgasm that is required by one session can be provided by meeting the requirements of a different session.
* Prohibition against orgasm during fixed-lenth fasts over-rides permission to release. * Touching under instruction of my voice is always allowed, except when it would lead to release that is not allowed.

I’m always pleased when Treasures listen to my recordings enough to encounter these problems, and I hope these guidelines will help you direct your experience accordingly.