About Me

When I'm explaining to someone what my life is like, they often seem confused, at first. Then I tell them this: “A lot of men* want a woman to tell them what will make her happy, then they do it, then she's happy. I'm really good at that.” That people readily understand. It makes sense that you need to worship, and receiving such intense devotion is a rare skill, and one in which I am an expert.

In addition to making it really sexy to Please me, I love manipulating your sex drive to control your arousal, and through that, everything. I understand that you want nothing more than to want me more. You want to feel yourself out of your control, and into mine, desperate to obey and serve in every way possible.

If you dare risk becoming utterly enthralled, you'll be drawn in by my use of language, ability to push you deep into trance, and my sultry, hypnotic voice, but something less obvious, as well. It's my sincerity and authenticity. I take my role as a living goddess very seriously, and I do only what I very much want in receiving worship. I am the connection to the divine feminine you crave, and you will feel it in every breath of of pure, magnetic, hypnotic, sexual control.

*As well as some women and non-binary people, who make delightful Treasures, as well.