Goddess Kasha - The Complete Collection
Every single file, including 31 not available separately.

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Suggested Listening Orders

I'm often asked what order to listen to my files in. While it would be impossible to chart out every file, below are some suggested routes for you to explore. Be warned, the files get more extreme as you progress in each route, and once you start listening, you may find yourself unable to resist...


All Treasures should begin their journey with Surrender, a free file which implants a very powerful trigger.

Following this, feel free to embark upon any of the hypnotic journeys below.

Treasure Training

Conditioning you to be the Treasure I want you to be.

1. Compliance
2. Function
3. Love
4. Power Transfer
5. More and Fewer
6. Plus Two, Minus One
7. Pleasure Control

Personality Program

Intense brainwashing to make your submission to me a permanent part of your personality.

1. Vulnerable
2. Aroused
3. Obedient
4. Obsessed
5. Addicted
Complete Set


You will be inescapably locked up, but don't worry Treasure... You're going to love every second of it.

1. More and Fewer
2. Chastity
3. Erase
4. Advanced Chastity 1
5. Advanced Chastity 2
6. Helpless Arousal
7. Perpetual Arousal

Goddess Worship

I want you to worship me as your Living Goddess.

1. Fixate
2. Defenseless
3. Center
4. Goddess Fix
5. The Thrill of Service
6. Living Goddess


From occasional gifting to complete financial domination, I delight in all levels of spoiling. Just how far will you go to please Goddess?

1. Amazon Goddess
2. A Simple Command
3. Loyaltease
4. Financial Domination
5. Click Addiction
6. Please Goddess

Trigger Training

These files implant the triggers which are used throughout my other files.

1. Fixate
2. Polish
3. Edge Trigger
4. Love
5. Lexicon
6. Loyaltease


No additional hints about these, Treasure. You'll just have to find out for yourself... Suffice to say they all have different effects, and are all devastatingly sexy.

1. Aroused, Receptive
2. Binaural Brainwashing
3. Confusion
4. Conspiracy
5. Dream Girl
6. Primal Urge
7. Image Enslavement
8. Immersive Brainwashing
9. Mutations of Wanting
10. Primal Awakening
11. Break the Habit
12. Subjugation of the Inner Voice

Tease and Denial

Not quite ready for chastity yet? These files will allow you to experience intense teasing but with the eventual reprieve of release. But don't expect it to be quite so straightforward...

1. Compliance
2. Function
3. Trance Trap
4. Bondage Is Simple
5. Naughty Tease
6. Edge Trigger
7. Chastity

PtV Games

Multi-part hypnosis experiences. I recommend topping up your NiteFlirt account before beginning, because once you start clicking, you just won't be able to stop.

1. Rite of Surrender
2. Advanced Chastity 1
3. Advanced Chastity 2
4. Ache for Goddess
5. Click Addiction
6. Addicted to Pleasure

Goddess Kasha - The Complete Collection
Every single file, including 31 not available separately.

Buy Now